Blue Dart Corporate Profile,Blue Dart Overview

Blue dart is the largest integrated logistic distribution company.they nearly serve 34,269 locations,and 220 international countries.They become partner of DHL company for overseas delivery.Blue dart is ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company by Lloyd’s Register which assure the quality.They have taken eCommerce B2B and B2C initiatives.

Blue dart provides vast and unparalleled Domestic Network.Almost all Indian’ cities are under their network.People rely on blue dart for emergency overnite delivery.Blue dart has dedicated team and they provide expertise in this business.Air network makes delivery smooth and more faster delivery.

Blue Dart Corporate Profile

Sustainability Initiatives co-opertae them with DHL company.The major focus areas are

1. Go Teach (Education) .This scheme helps child to complete their education.They are associated with Oasis India (NGO).

2. Go Green (Environment) : Blue dart has taken serious step to stop global warming.Their ‘Go Green’ initiatives includes – Sapling plantation.
Mangrove Clean-up.
Recycling Waste.
Energy Conservation (Eg. Power Saver: Lights Off Initiative)
Route Optimization

3. Go Help (Disaster Management Response) ; They have associated with Think Foundation (NGO) and Sarla Blood Bank.

Blue Dart Corporate Profile