Blue Dart Regional Services,Blue Dart Services

Blue dart regional services includes between India, Bhutan and Nepal.Regional services are subject to the Terms and Conditions of International Carriage – Blue Dart.

Regional services can be categorized into two main section :

Blue Dart Regional Services

1. Regional Priority : Documents (RPDX)
The Blue dart provides secure documents delivery with attractive packaging.Documents up to 500 grams comes under general packaging fees.This is the most preferred and fastest delivery method in India.

2. Regional Priority: Non-Documents (RPDT)
Alternatively non-documents shipment service offers you safe door delivery.Regional non-documents service currently available between India and Nepal only.

However for other intentional countries,Blue dart special documentation which is mandatory to follow.You may check the banned items list that can’t be ship via blue dart.For any other support please contact Blue dart customer care team.

Blue Dart Regional Services