Blue dart price calculator helps you to calculate your estimated shipping charges for sending parcel.You can calculate on basis of domestic as well as international shipping region.Your parcel charge normally calculated with weight of the shipment in kgs or fractions.

Price Finder
The Price Finder helps you to calculate your shipping charges for your service type needs.
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The minimum chargeable weights for various services are as
follows :

    Service Minimum acceptable weight
    Domestic Priority 0.5 Kgs
    Regional Priority 0.5 Kgs
    Dart Apex 10.0 Kgs
    Smart Box - 10 Kg 10 Kgs
    Smart Box - 25 Kg 25 Kgs
    Dart Surfaceline 10.0 Kgs
    Airport to Airport 5.0 Kgs
    International 0.5 Kgs
    Jumbo Jr - 10 Kg 10 Kgs
    Jumbo Box - 25 Kg 25 Kgs

blue dart courier charges

Blue Dart Courier Charges