Blue Dart Customs Exporting Guide,Customs Export

For shipping international shipment via Blue dart courier you need to follow some customs formalities.Blue dart assist their customer to clear the customs for shipping.

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The entire customs procedures can dived into two main section :

  • Courier-On-Board Exports
  • Freight Mode Exports

Courier-On-Board Exports – it is the first step of customs which tells you what are carriages allowed.It permits the carriage of:

1. Documents
2. Free Gifts – up to a value of Indian Rupees 25,000/
3. If no Foreign Exchange Remittance involved then they allow value Indian Rupees 50,000.
4. Commercial Shipments : if Shipper obtain a GR1 Form Waiver from the Reserve Bank of India.

All the shipments made by you are completely checked by customs authorities of India.Therefore these are subject to examination and appraisal by them

Note : “Carriage of shipments on the Courier-on-Board Export Mode are subject to customs paperwork requirements specified by the destination.”

Blue Dart Customs Exporting

Freight Mode Exports Includes :

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction : Shippers need to fill out the form “Shipper’s Letter of Instruction” on his company letter head.Due to lack of this instruction shipment will face delay at Mumbai.

One-Time Registration with Customs EDI Systems :
1. Shipper has to fill out the appendix form II with all banking details.It needs Bank’s stamp and signature.

2. The IEC (Importer Exporter Code) Certificate is issued by the DGFT (Director General Foreign Trade) to all importers and exporters.If you first time shipping then need to provide a photocopy of the IEC Certificate with the updated PAN card Number.

Bank Letter Registration : Please make sure that bank letter has been registered with your company before shipping.

SDF Form : Shipper requires to fill up SDF form with signature if shipments where Foreign Exchange Remittance is involved.

Export Invoice : The shipper most important document is Export Invoice.It helps customs for basic clearance process.

Shipping Bill For Exports : One of the essential documents for customs clearance is shipping bill.There are many types of shipping bill available,these are :

Free Shipping Bill
Drawback Shipping Bill
DEPB Shipping Bill
DEEC Shipping Bill
Bond Shipping Bill
Dutiable Shipping Bill

Repair and Return Items : After importing item if you want to return that product,please submit these documentation :

Original Import Bill of Entry.
Original customs-attested Import Invoice which should clearly state the serial/part number of the item imported.
Certificate for Repair and Return from any Bank.

Customs Export Duty

Gifts & Samples by the Freight Mode : For forwarding free gifts or samples freight mode needs A Certificate from any bank that should state the nature of the shipment (gift/samples).

Export of Pharmaceuticals : You need additional documents for exporting Pharmaceuticals.

Drug Licence Copy.
Form 20/21B.
A sample of the contents for inspection by the Additional Drug Controller.
Sample of the label affixed on the package.

Chemicals : Dangerous Goods are not allowed.

Additional Documentation for Garments/ Fabrics destined to USA
Packaging : The following documents needs to submit for garment & fabrics –
Whether the material is Knitted or Woven.
·Gender (whether the item is for Female, Male or Unisex).
·Type of Neck (crew, no neck opening, V-neck).
·Stitches per centimeter.
·Long or short sleeved.
·Type of bottom (hemmed, ribbed, drawstring).

Blue Dart Customs Exporting Guide