Blue Dart Faq,Blue Dart Pre Shipping Queries

In our previous post we have discussed about Blue dart tracking enquiry where you can find all tracking related questions & answers.Today we will discuss the Blue dart FAQ which is known (frequently asked Question).Before shipping with Bluedart company you may have pre-queries which helps you to know them well.Check out the below section :

Blue Dart FAQ :

1. Where can i find estimated delivery time details for my shipment ?
You can find the delivery time for shipment with transit time finder.Here you need to enter origin city,the destination city and pick up date for knowing approximate delivery time

2. Where can i find Blue dart tariff or courier charges details ?
You can find blue dart tariff at blue dart courier charges page.Enter the weight and destination details for getting estimated charges.

3. Where to find the location details ?
To find serviceable location details you need to visit location finder tool which shows location by pin code.

4. I want to know about packaging service ?
Blue dart offers variety of packaging service.You have options to choose from The Blue Dart Smart Box, The DHL Express Documents (DOX), DHL Worldwide Package Express (WPX) , the DHL Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior Box.

5. Are there any commodities banned by your company ?
Yes,there are certain products that can’t be shipped via Blue dart.You can check this list by landing banned items page.

6. What are custom requirements for my international shipments?
For international shipments you need to follow custom rules and requirements.Visit custom requirement page for details.

7. Where to find Regulatory requirements for my domestic shipments?
For domestic shipments within India there are some Regulatory requirements for each state.Check the details in Regulatory page.

8. Does your company send representative at home ?
You can meet Blue dart representatives for any special query.First contact with Blue dart customer care team

9. How to track my consignment number ?
You can use official web tracking tool or use our simple tracking box for tracking consignment number.

10. Can I change delivery Address ?
You can only change address when they accept your request.Make a request with customer care team.

11. Do you accept jewellery, precious stones or valuables?
Find the complete list of banned items,you can check whether you can send jewellery, precious stones or not.

12. What is Blue dart toll free number.
The toll free number of Blue dart is –

Blue dart faq