Blue Dart Technology,Blue Dart Smart Truck Technology

Blue dart is the only sophisticated air express company which invested huge amount in Technology infrastructure.The main aim is to provide quality services and advanced tracking facility to their customers at any cost.They developed COSMAT II which brings advanced state-of-the-art track and trace system for all consignments.Consignment nos are scanned at each hub until delivers to the recipient. Blue dart uses bar coding and laser scanner technology to provide real time updates to consignee.Some of the technologies that are being offered by Blue dart are listed below :

Blue Dart Technology

TrackDartTM – it lets you track no from their official website.
MailDartTM – You can track consignment number by email with maildart technology.
MobileDartTM – you can also send sms to know the latest shipment result.
InternetDartTM – This works internally for server updation.
ShopTrackTM – This is for large inventory tracking system.

Schedule a pickup
Waybill Generation
Location Finder
Transit Time Finder
Price Finder

You can now more about tracking tools here.

Blue Dart Technology