Blue Dart Milestones,Blue Dart Milestone To Success

Know the history of Blue dart by checking its milestones.You can find the entire journey and progress time to time.Milestones lets you know any project or company more accurately.It never ends rather keep updating by passing time.Since Blue dart is India’s largest logistic solution,it has different section of milestones.

Blue Dart Milestones

Year 1983 : Khushroo Dubash, Clyde Cooper, and Tushar Jani started their company Blue dart.They initiated this business with very limited amount of just rs.30000 and launched international air package express service in India.

Year 1984 : They have both international and domestic services with specific time frame delivery which was 10.30.

Year 1988 : They started their real time tracking system for their customers.

Year 1991 : Blue Dart Express is registered as a private limited company and developed domestic tracking system, COSMAT-ITM.

Year 1992 : Blue dart connects its in-house domestic E-mail network, and sets up its employee satisfaction programme .

Year 1994 : Blue dart aviation registered as private limited company.It now offer 2.55 million shares shares.

Year 1995 : Blue Dart acquires 2 Boeing 737-200 freighters and receives ATO permission

Year 1996 : Blue Dart Aviation launches India’s first jet express airline.Blue dart receive ISO 9001 certification.

Year 1997 : Blue Dart Express Ltd associated with reputed international courier company.

Year 1998 : Blue Dart Aviation introduced and develops India’s first Load and Trim software for its B737F flights.

Year 1999 : They launched Power Dart 2000+, a software that provides customers free connectivity to its database.

Year 2000 : Blue dart took third part aircraft for its business.

Year 2002 : They re-certified for customer handy company with global ISO 9001 – 2000 standards for “Design, management and operations.

Year 2012 :
Introduces the World CSR Day

Inducted 5th B757-200 Freighter

Inducted 5th B757-200 Freighter

Awarded GPTW for the 3rd time
Year 2014 : Blue dart receive awards from different organization.

Blue dart milestones